Land of Origin

Ah… Abruzzo!

40 Kilometers separate the Apennine Mountains from the Adriatic Sea in the diverse, rustic and often wild region of Abruzzo. A hidden treasure which has now become Italy’s hot tourist destination for naturalists and gastronomes. 


The largest green area in Europe, and known as the ‘Green Lung’ of the Mediterranean, Abruzzo is a land of many ecosystems which support the Marsican Brown Bear, the symbol of Abruzzo, the Apennine Wolf, The Chamois and the Wild Boar. Olive trees, crocuses (saffron), the finest wheat in Italy and most of all, the ever-present vines which produce the great wines of the region are in abundance. 

Forte e Gentile

To connect with the past is truly the way to understand the present and move towards the future. 


Forte e Gentile, Strong and Gentle, Abruzzo’s motto, best describes the beauty of the region and the character of its people. My grandfather brought this spirit to the bustling streets of New York and created a uniquely American experience which was a testament to his heritage. Hard work and an unyielding commitment to quality is the legacy which endures to this day and acts as a guide as D’AG Wine moves into the future.



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